Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi for 02.10.2016 from Bharathiya Cine Sangeet Parampara (BCSP)

BCSP kneels down in front of a picture of the Father of the Nation and with a ‘namaskar. seeks the ‘thyagi’s blessings to act by way of karma in thought, word-n-deed at my present age, 75+ to ENLIGHTEN the present generation through the rich, colorful heritage of Indian Cine Music from time to time by way of blogs / posts and audio-video  sessions from BCSP .

Today’s tribute presentation is like 23 carat gold melodic garland  of an untitled  film of 1950 as indicated in the download .

The song : Bharat ki jai bharat ki…. penned by Shevan Rizvi in 2 parts and tuned by Shaukat Hussain ( aka Shaukat Hydari / Dehlavi or Nashad ) is a class of classes in terms of its lyrical sanctity-n-reality. Despite any melodic features in the song, it still remains evergreen…whether people agree or disagree.

The rendition of Surendra Kaur, Md Rafi & chorus is indeed poignant and brings down tears to the understanding person(s).

Dedicated to the Nation with LOVE from BCSP

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